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We are open, honest and genuine, showing regard and consideration for our Customers, Employees and Coworkers.


Going the extra mile to do the best we can, finding solutions instead of excuses, in every department under all circumstances with a positive attitude.


We serve everyone that walks through our doors with dedication and appreciation, by creating the best solution for their needs.


We aim to be a leading manufacturing company specializing in innovative design for prefabricated  buildings systems, providing our customers with quality that is second to none at a competitive price.

We aspire to be a team, working together to deliver excellent service for our customers. We aim to have Employee-Customer relations that are long-term, built on integrity and trust, reaching beyond our business transactions. Creating a work environment where our employees have the opportunity to grow, are one of our values, as well as making our Customers feel like part of the PreCon family. Through ambition, our objective is to grow in production and personal development, thus delivering a greater service to our customers and providing a better future to those desiring to thrive and excel in their area of work.​


  • Be a profitable company, highly regarded, excelling in our industry.

  • Create a work environment founded on loyalty where employees can grow and reach their full potential.

  • Inspire and help our team and young entrepreneurs to become successful leaders.

  • Create an outstanding experience for anyone we do business with.

  • Make a positive impact on our Community.

  • Support Causes helping those in need.

about the process


We pride ourselves in our Design & Engineering team for creating modern, practical and user-friendly building systems that leave an imprint on the prefabricated buildings industry. We always look to add unique features to our Buildings to set them apart from our competition.

  • Phase 2; PURCHASING:

We spend a great deal of time in sourcing the highest quality raw materials at the best prices, to ensure quality and great pricing for our Buildings. Our purchasing department has a close relationship with all our suppliers to help ensure that lead times are met.

  • Phase 3; MATERIAL PREP:

We do all our cutting, bending and other material prep processes in-house with modern state of the art technology. Our Quality Control team ensure that output quality is high and that safety standards are met or exceeded.

  • Phase 4; PRODUCTION:

We keep our production process as clean and efficient as possible. Our supervising team does an excellent job at keeping a close eye on our Buildings every step of the way to ensure excellent workmanship on our Buildings. Weather you choose to prime, paint or powder coat your building system, we consider the right type of primer and paint, disregarding higher prices, because we know the importance of an aesthetically pleasing Building.


At PreCon we understand the value of time and how detrimental it is to have downtime on a building project, not only for our customers but also for our reputation. This is why our QC team has stringent procedures and checklists they must follow to ensure our building systems are engineered, manufactured, packaged and shipped without missing or damaged parts.

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